"I hear artists talk about teachers and parents who pushed them to be better & believed in them. And I think, that is who Ben Shive is to me."

Melanie Penn

"Ben Shive is one of those rare right & left brain, firing-on-all-cylinders kinds of people - creative beyond belief, but also a good caretaker of the heart of the projects he works on. He is so gifted with both music and technology that he can literally move at the speed of creativity, capturing and creating as ideas come, but he is also reflective and careful regarding the artist and his/her vision for the music. I think he is an exceptionally gifted producer, and a great human being, and I count it a privilege to have worked with him."

Sara Groves

"Why have I recorded my last 2 CDs with Ben Shive? Ben is creatively brilliant in all the right ways. He understands hooks and melody, dynamics and composition, he knows good songwriting, and he can leap from genre to genre like your iTunes library on shuffle and  he's a killer player! But the truth is, in Nashville there are lots of dudes like that. What sets Ben apart? Ben is a great listener, and though he is always fully in command of the music-making process, he takes the attitude of a servant. Ben still surprises me with his egoless willingness to explore a new idea. He trusts his artists/clients and applies his gifts to the inspiration that they bring. At the end of each CD, as I think back on the many critical decisions that helped shape the project; I consistently marvel at Ben, and how his gifts and wisdom made all the difference."

Randall Goodgame, Slugs and Bugs

"When it came time for me to record my Christmas album, there was only one name that came to mind: Ben Shive. He's a great composer and arranger, which most people know. But maybe more, he's a great collaborator. As a producer/songwriter, he jumped into the project and ultimately brought my vision to life. Honestly, he exceeded my hopes for the album."

Brandon Heath

"If you're looking for a producer who is also an incredible song-writer and composer, then look no further. Ben Shive will take the songs you write and make them better. He certainly did that with my record. His talent is in enhancing the music you already have in a way that you'd never achieve on your own. Also, if you enjoy humor and a general good time, Ben's your guy!"

Ellie Holcomb

"Ben is one of the most gifted musicians I've been blessed to work with. Making a record can be a vulnerable and frustrating experience, but he finds a way to make the studio a safe place for collaborating and creating meaningful art. I can't wait to work with him again!"

David Heller (JJ Heller)

"Ben is gifted like few musicians I have ever met: original, bright, and extremely good at what he does. Ben also cares about people as much as he does music, a rare gift and the reason people love working with him. Count me as another fan in his balcony."

Danny Oertli